Here’s The Proof… Tesla Cybertruck vs Porsche 911 Drag Race

From Engineering Explained.

No, Tesla’s Cybertruck is not faster than a Porsche 911 while towing!
Watch the full MotorTrend video here:
Tesla Tricked You (First Video) –

At the Cybertruck delivery event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed the Cybertruck could tow a Porsche 911 down the 1/4 mile faster than a Porsche 911 could do it by itself. I did not believe it, so I made a video explaining why – but math is for nerds, let’s do it for real! Thanks to MotorTrend, this test is now a reality, as we pitted the CyberBeast against a manual Porsche 911 T – the slowest current generation Porsche 911.

For all the data and details, check out MotorTrend’s full analysis:

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