How This New Heat Pump is Genius

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How This New Heat Pump is Genius. Try Rocket Money for free: #RocketMoney #personalfinance Where I live in New England in the winter it can get as low as -13 F (-25 C). During summer heatwaves, it can reach over 100 F (40 C). Many of our houses and homes weren’t built for that, and in the United States, we aren’t exactly known for quality insulation. So how do we deal with heating and cooling our homes? Well, some of you may already know I’m crazy about heat pumps, but I came across a local company, called Flooid, that opened my eyes to the potential of cascading heat pumps. The constant refrain that heat pumps can’t work in the cold isn’t true anymore anyway, but this tech takes it to another level.

But what’s a cascading heat pump? And are our homes ready for them?

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