How to launch a nuclear missile

From Atomic Frontier.

Inside the world’s last Titan II nuclear silo. During the Cold War this structure held the most powerful weapon ever deployed by the United States. Today the warhead is gone but eveything else remains; giving me the perfect oportunity to explore the engineering and logistics behind how to launch a nuclear ICBM.

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0:00 Doomsday
0:30 The order arrives
1:40 Into the bunker
4:27 Fueling up
7:45 Launch
10:20 Into the unknown

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Huge thanks to everyone at the Titan Missile Museum for letting me come visit!

With extra thanks to Boneyard Safari for the extra stock footage

Created by James Dingley, Julia Witham, Rafa "I want coffee" Monardez, and Julian Dingley

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