I’m not scary. Can I terrify someone in a haunted house?

From Tom Scott plus.

Kevin is @TheBackyardScientist. At Mortem Manor, a year-round haunted house in Orlando, Florida: I’m going to try and scare him. Happy Hallowe’en, everyone. ▪ Mortem Manor: https://www.mortemmanor.com/ – thanks to all the team there!

Probably rated PG-13 (US) or 12 (UK). Occasional minor jump-scares; some flickering lights, which follow an on-screen warning; stage blood and obviously-fake horror make-up, and (of course) horror themes and tropes throughout. One scene of threat with an (obviously fake) needle. A shark. Spiderwebs, but no spiders, despite what Kevin briefly thinks. Cthulhu, and references to sacrifice. Blurred implications of nastier things throughout, but nothing seen on screen!

(these are all minor by horror movie standards, but listed to be safe)
00:27 – sudden jump in the music
05:10 – something unseen jumps out at Tom and he reacts
08:19 – something jumps out at Tom and he reacts
13:26 – Tom leaps towards camera
13:35 – Tom hits his head twice, which isn’t a content warning really, it’s just funny
13:51 – Tom leaps towards camera, twice
14:35 – Loud noises and electrical sparking
15:30 – Actor jumps out at Kevin
17:02 – Sudden screaming
17:21 – Actor jumps out at Kevin
17:48 – Actor jumps out at Kevin
18:47 – Actor jumps out at Kevin immediately after he says "nice try", which is hilarious
19:15 – Tom jumps out at Kevin

06:35-07:01: shark animatronic, inactive
09:12-09:37: Cthulhu animatronic
16:05-16:29: (obviously fake) threat with needle
16:33-16:38: shark!
16:33-16:47: flashing lights
18:30-19:19: Cthulhu animatronic, although if you avoid this you won’t see the actual climax of the video!

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Behind-the-scenes tour of the Mansion
10:32 Getting into costume
11:57 Learning to scare
14:03 Scaring Kevin

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Series Producer/Director: Kirsten Taylor
Assistant Producer: Han Evans
Camera Operators: Shaun Trout, Alex Stearns
Editor: Chris Leggat
Sound Design: Dan Pugsley | https://www.cassinisound.com/
Executive Producers: Cambria Bailey-Jones, Guy Larsen
A Pad 26/Penny4 Production https://www.penny4.co.uk