Japanese Nightlife Etiquette: 15 Things You Need to Know

From Abroad in Japan.

Tokyo is a 24hour nightlife city with all night bars, restaurants & karaoke. Make the most of it when you’re here!
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00:00 Why Tokyo Nightlife is Daunting
01:45 Tip 1: The Table Charge
02:38 Tip 2: Why Everyone Orders Beer First
03:16 Tip 3: The Miracle of Nomihoudai
04:14 Tip 4: Why Shouting Aloud is Ok in Japan
05:58 Tip 5: Japan’s Iconic Mixers Explained
07:35 Tip 6: How to Discover Staff Recommendations
08:18 Tip 7: Why NOT to Pass from Chopstick to Chopstick
09:18 Tip 8: How to say “I’m Full” in Japanese
10:08 Tip 9: The Key Phrase at the End of the Meal
10:32 Tip 10: Keep the Night Going with a ‘Nijikai’
10:56 Tip 11: Oshibori: The Ultimate Refreshment
12:32 Tip 12: Otsumami: Delicious Complimentary Bar Snacks
15:50 Tip 13: Always End the Night at Karaoke
18:41 Tip 14: Avoid the Spicy Food in Disguise
22:05 Tip 15: Have Your ‘Ohakko’ Specialty Song Ready

Edited by Marcus Canning, Lucas Kenji Coyte, Chris Broad
Filmed by @PaulBallard

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