Monkey Wrench Ep3 – Us & Them

From MonkeyWrench.

Beebs doubts whether he and Shrike are cut out for the Merc life.

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Directed & Written by
Joshua & Ashley Palmer

Voice Cast;
Shrike Sanchez – Jacob Barrens
Beebs – Jean-francois Donaldson
Scratch – @CzBacklash
Agari – @Gooseworx
El Bandito – @SrPelo
Duende – @VinesauceJoel

Music – @Ockeroid

Sound design:
Mathew Pantano

Spanish language Consultant:
Bertha Treviño

Animation Crew + Socials

HUGE thanks to Tom Fulp and the NG Money gang for helping us push this episode over the edge and getting it finished this year!+

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