Moon Spoon

From Vihart.


I know this is a weird video but I can’t help it, moon spoon delights me.

Thank you M, Darla, Erin, and Michelle for giving me permission to include your moon spoon content!

M can be found at:

Michelle’s original moon spoon comic:

The original moon spoon booklet can be found here: it’s formatted for printing, so the pages are out of order. Check the notes for instructions.

Moon spoon is a fun creative and self-reflective activity anyone can do at home, and with my people I’ve found moon spoons to be a good opener for conversations about what’s going on in our lives and in our heads.

Statement on Gettin That Sweet Sweet Moon Spoon Money:

“Moon Spoon is never the same,” which is why I decided not to mass produce and sell moon spoons. Also there’s some bad practices in the uh, magical things industry, that I’d like to avoid. So make your own, or make them for each other! Selling/buying them is fine too, as long as they are hand made with love and intention. You have my permission and blessing to make, share, sell, etc, with moon spoon, including the moon spoon booklet, as long as it is YOU making and selling them (not using a manufacturer or outsourced labor).

Also note: vials of moonwater are very fun, but are likely to leak or explode, so don’t ship them or carry them around in a pocket with your cell phone unless you’re really sure about your materials and methods. I speak from experience.

This video was supported by Patreon! Thank you to my patrons, who are used to being thrown curveballs in terms of the kinds of things I post, yet still perhaps were not expecting moon magic… hehehe I hope you like moon spoon anyway! Extra special thanks to Ray Sidney, Andew Romaner, David Perryman, Alan Boulton, Carol Hart, David A Smith, not lesia, and Yana Chernobilsky.

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