MS-DOS has been Open-Sourced! We Build and Run it!

From Dave’s Garage.

Microsoft has released the code to MS-DOS 4.00 on GitHub; Dave takes you a tour of the code, builds it, and runs it on original hardware. For my book on life on the Spectrum:

For Clarity on the timeline:
– Microsoft licensed (non-exclusively) 86-DOS in Dec 1980 for $25,000
– Paterson left SCP in April 1981 and worked for Microsoft from May 1981 to April 1982.
– 86-DOS was purchased outright by Microsoft and renamed to MS-DOS on 27 July 1981 for $50,000
– In March 1982, MarkZ became the dev mgr for MS-DOS 2

The Code:

Remember that the code is open-sourced, but trademark law still applies!

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