TEN Transport Evolved Episode 488 – FAA Certifies Archer Midnight, New EV Production, Solar Records!

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On today’s show – Volvo, Kia and Ford all celebrate the start of new production, Solar power continues to grow, and Archer Aviation gets a much- needed certification!

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:33 – Welcome!
00:51 – North American production of Volvo EX90 Begins
01:43 – Kia starts official North American EV9 production in Georgia
02:47 – Ford starts official production of the new Ford Explorer in Europe
03:39 – Elon Musk comes under fire for telling NVidia to shift GPU orders from Tesla to X, but there is a reason
04:51 – Archer Aviation Midnight gets its Part 135 Certification from the FAA
05:46 – EV charging station deployment held up by red-tape in the U.S.
06:52 – Elon Musk says next generation of FSD will operate fa year between interventions
07:49 – Dacia launches new spring EV in the UK for less than £15,000
08:40 – EVs in the U.S. are now responsible for 2/3 of the emissions of a gasoline vehicle
09:34 – The U.S. Deploys as much solar generation in Q1 as it did in the entirety of 2018
11:37 – Audi Q4 e-tron recalled for headlight software issues
11:59 – Rivian R1 and Delivery vehicles recalled for misaligned headlights
12:17 – Vinfast VF8 recalled for faulty airbags
12:34 – Mercedes-Benz recalls all EQ-badged models to rectify software issue with battery management system
12:52 – Tesla recalls nearly 125,000 vehicles for an OTA update to address a seatbelt software issue
13:08 – Lion Electric recalls LION C School Buses
13:26 – Oregon’s 2024 EV Incentive program runs out of money in two months
13:45 – Volkswagen opens order books for larger-capacity battery pack for ID.7
14:03 – NXP, ZF, work on new silicon carbide traction inverters
14:21 – Tesla plans five one-day shutdowns at Giga Berlin
14:40 – Kia plans to have 85% of its target 800,000 vehicles per year in Europe to be electric
14:55 – Last Mile Solutions expands to the UK
15:11 – Hyundai plans on building the IONIQ 5 in the U.S. from later this year
15:28 – Skywell BE_11 announced for the UK market
15:46 – Nio plans a third factory to keep up with demand
16:04 – BYD enters the Caribbean market
16:21 – Faraday Future sells only 4 cars last year, leases 6
16:38 – DoE looks to improve EV charging in the U.S.
16:56 – Italy runs out of EV incentive funds in a single day
17:13 – Volkswagen says its first EV built on its new SSP platform will come in 2028
17:35 – Italy runs out of EV incentive funds in a single day
17:51 – Porsche offers Tesla drivers incentives to switch
18:12 – The PRC switches on the world’s largest single solar array
18:31 – Ford’s May EV sales show continued growth
18:48 – Kia’s U.S. Ev Sales double year on year
19:05 – Hyundai’s EV sales soar in May
19:24 – Nissan says it will no-longer fund ICE development
19:40 – Volkswagen confirms new entry-level ID3, more trim options
19:54 – J.D. Power warns EV lease prices are about to rise as residuals fall
20:12 – Anonymous sources inside Fisker paint a bad picture of the company
20:29 – Elon Musk promises the exact opposite to what he’s asked to provide
20:46 – Fiat announces lease pricing for 500e in the u.S.
21:07 – Tesla Cybertruck belonging to Ridge Wallet gets gold-plated
21:35 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
22:47 – Diesel demand hits a 26-year low
23:52 – Ford patents a new battery swap technique we’re not fans of
25:02 – Thanks, and Goodbye!