The AI Mind Virus

From Ordinary Things.

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00:00 Sexy Freeman Podcast Intro
01:54 Chapter 1: First Contact
02:25 Frank and the Perceptrons
04:25 Eliza
05:25 AGI
08:30 Chapter 2: Beating the System
10:00 Predicting the Future
11:06 Rodney and his Robots
12:09 Deep Blue
13:10 The Singularity
14:36 The Nick Land Tangent
19:35 Chapter Three: Infohazzards
20:56 The PaperClip Maximiser
22:00 LessWrong
24:23 Roko’s Basilisk
27:19 Chapter 4: System Shock
30:05 DeepMind
32:20 AlphaGo
34:00 Cannibals and Cheaters
35:30 My AI-Generated Fever Dream
36:50 Chapter 5: The AI Doomsday Cult
39:41 Generative AI and ChatGPT
40:42 Sam Altman
41:40 Why LLMs and ChatGPT are important
43:38 The End is Nigh! [or is it?]
47:14 Chapter 6: What Actually Scares Me
51:32 Final Thoughts