The first evidence for PLUNGING REGIONS around black holes (Einstein was right!) ft. Dr Andy Mummery

From Dr. Becky.

If you’re struggling, consider therapy with BetterHelp #ad. Click for a 10% discount on your first month of therapy with a credentialed professional specific to your needs. | In this video we’re chatting about the new research paper claiming to have observed the "plunging regions" inside the innermost stable circular orbit around a black hole. Using an X-ray spectrum of the black hole MAXI J1820+070 Mummery and collaborators were able to prove that the region around a black hole existed as Einstein predicted in his theory of General Relativity. Even more exciting still, is that this could be a new method for measuring the spin of a black hole!

Mummery et al. (2024; first evidence for plunging reasons around black holes – Einstein was right!) –
Reynolds (2021; review on how we measure black hole spin observationally) –

00:00 – Introduction
03:40 – What is the innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO) around a black hole?
06:41 – How does the ISCO relate to the black hole’s spin?
10:04 – How Mummery and collaborators studied the "plunging region" inside the ISCO using X-ray observations of MAXI J1820+070
14:40 – What this study tells us about black hole spin
16:27 – Interview with Dr. Andy Mummery
20:27 – Bloopers

Video filmed on a Sony ⍺7 IV

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