The Future of Quantum Computing with Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson & More

From StarTalk.

Could quantum computing solve the three-body problem? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedians Jordan Klepper and Tiffany Haddish discuss how quantum computing will change the world with theoretical physicist Michio Kaku live at the Beacon Theater.

What is quantum physics? We learn how quantum computing differs from traditional transistor computing. What is a qubit? What does quantum computing have to do with the many worlds hypothesis? We talk about how Mother Nature is a quantum computer and how quantum computers compute in the multiverse.

What does a quantum computer look like? We break down Schrodinger’s Cat, the superposition of states, and how information travels faster than light between entangled particles. What sort of programming language would a quantum computer use? Find out what will go obsolete after quantum computers and what mysteries we could resolve.

Could quantum computing change experimental science as we know it? Explore how quantum computing will help us discover what happened before the Big Bang and how to achieve a wormhole using negative energy. How would quantum computing escalate AI? We discuss where humanity is on the Kardashev Scale and utilizing the power of atoms. All that, plus, what is beyond the quantum computing revolution?

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00:00 – Introduction: Quantum Computing
2:43 – The Forth Industrial Revolution
4:12 – What is Quantum physics?
9:23 – When Will Quantum Computers Be Ready?
11:33 – Computing in the Multiverse: What is Quantum about Quantum Computing?
20:05 – Answering the 3-Body Problem
22:38 – Schrodinger’s Cat
26:03 – Quantum Entanglement
31:07 – Programming Quantum Computers
39:13 – Quantum Computing for Medicine & Agriculture
41:18 – Modeling the Big Bang & Wormholes
52:36 – Combining with Artificial Intelligence
56:32 – What is Beyond Quantum Computers?
1:00:53 – The Kardashev Scale
1:05:27 – A Cosmic Perspective