The most important CONSONANT in English

From Dr Geoff Lindsey.

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Secrets of what I consider the most important consonant in English, the various ways it’s made, and how it differs from other language.

0:00 Introduction
1:40 Important meanings
3:05 Important endings
4:32 Loudness differences
5:00 Surfshark
6:12 UCL’s anechoic chamber
7:24 Spectrograms
9:16 Awkward combinations
9:48 months
11:12 Assimilation: howzat
11:52 TH-fronting
13:07 English and Spanish
14:05 English and Japanese
15:57 Articulation: reality check
18:39 The alternative: lips!

Thanks to:
Gordon Mills of Psychology & Language Sciences, UCL
Hernán Ruiz for help with Spanish
Prof. Masaki Taniguchi for help with Japanese

Animation of vocal tract by Speech Graphics
British National Corpus