The Risinger Build: Episode 1 – Pre-Construction Planning

From The Build Show.

Join Matt Risinger, builder in Austin, Texas, as he embarks on a groundbreaking project, documenting the entire construction process of a high-performance family home. In collaboration with Builders FirstSource, this 24-part series promises to revolutionize residential building, showcasing innovative digital tools and cost-effective strategies.

In this episode, Matt introduces the project and its objectives, emphasizing the importance of meticulous pre-construction planning. With architect Steve Baczek, they delve into site considerations, budget-conscious design principles, and unique challenges posed by this Austin landscape.

Throughout the video, Matt and Steve discuss key decisions, such as preserving the existing slab foundation to accommodate Austin’s stringent tree protection regulations and leveraging Builders FirstSource’s digital tools for comprehensive project management. From optimizing floor plans to addressing plumbing concerns, every aspect of the build is meticulously analyzed, setting the stage for a transformative construction journey.

Don’t miss this immersive experience as Matt Risinger and his team redefine homebuilding standards, offering viewers unprecedented access to industry-leading practices and cutting-edge technology. Stay tuned for future episodes, where the vision of The Risinger Build comes to life, inspiring builders and homeowners alike to rethink the possibilities of residential construction.

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