The Risinger Build: Episode 5 Part 1 – Exterior Framing with READY-FRAME®

From The Build Show.

In this episode of The Risinger Build, Matt introduces viewers to an innovative approach to home construction using READY-FRAME® by Builders FirstSource. The video begins with Matt showcasing a massive lumber package, meticulously prepared to construct the entire first floor of a new house. Matt introduces Terry, the Vice President of READY-FRAME®, who elaborates on the smart bundling process. Terry explains how the bundles are organized to facilitate a smooth workflow, even for those new to this framing method. The video covers the importance of precise labeling, which includes details such as exterior and interior wall designations, ensuring that framers can quickly identify and place each piece correctly.

Despite minor setbacks with the foundation, the crew efficiently adjusts and progresses, illustrating the flexibility and adaptability required in construction. As we move through the day, you’ll see the rapid assembly of walls and the preparation for installing floor trusses showcasing the significant time and labor savings provided by the READY-FRAME® system.

Matt heads back to the studio to talk to Lindsay and Justin  as they delve into the innovative use of the myBLDR platform, a revolutionary tool for builders. Over the past few weeks, the team has been focusing on integrating mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems into the structural design of a new project. Utilizing advanced 3D modeling, they showcase how builders can now visualize and solve potential clashes before construction begins, ensuring a smoother and more efficient building process. Watch as they discuss specific challenges, like fitting HVAC ducts within structural trusses, and explore collaborative solutions with architects and tradespeople.

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