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By 2050 batteries will be hidden in our clothes and our walls, and will lift cars off the ground.How? Which ones? How long until this exists? || This episode supported by Clarendon Games; find their new game "Priorities" at @target

#Batteries run everything from tiny nanobots to the giant International Space Station and yet — they’re all pretty samey. When are we going to leave #Lithium-Ion in the dust for the next great battery? What will that look like?

In this video we take a look into the future of batteries, and let me know in the comments what YOU are looking forward to – Wearables? Battery-powered homes? The possibilities are only limited by … uh … getting this battery #technology working 🧐

πŸ”‹ Uncover the facts behind battery hype! Will solid state batteries change the world (not yet) will we ever leave lithium behind? (Probably not), and will there be other chemistries that step up? (Sodium?!) Join me as I cut through the buzz and chat with the brilliant Dr. Shirley Meng about the future of batteries. From Solid State dreams to Lithium-Air magic, we’re exploring the (not-so) hype-ist batteries that might revolutionize our tech.
Dr Meng drops a bombshell – to transition to a battery-powered renewable infrastructure we may need to invest 1% of the WORLD economy. Could that be the key to unlocking flying cars and homes powered by walls? MAYBE. Worth it?! I THINK SO.

00:00 🚨 Why are batteries so bad?
00:51 πŸŽ™οΈ What are batteries though?
03:22 πŸͺ© Lithium-Air. Lithium-Sulfur. Sodium-Ion??! Solid State!?
06:10 ⚑ Solid State: a game-changer?
07:00 πŸ€‘ So why don’t we have them yet?!
08:52 βœ‚οΈ Cut through the hype
09:49 πŸ€” How many batteries will we need?
12:13 πŸ•°οΈ None of these revolutionary batteries are here yet…

πŸ™Œ Huge thanks to Dr. Shirley Meng for sharing her insights and adding some perspective to our battery hype! Don’t forget to hit like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more mind-blowing tech explorations!

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Part I: The Good and Bad of Cell Ownership

A stable cathode-solid electrolyte composite for high-voltage, long-cycle-life solid-state sodium-ion batteries
Solid-State Sodium-Sulfur Batteries Thought Impossible To Make Until This Breakthrough
Researchers Report Progress On A Solid-State Lithium-Air Battery With High Energy Density

Researchers Report Progress On A Solid-State Lithium-Air Battery With High Energy Density

Battery University: Future Batteries

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