This Tech FINALLY Makes Robot Lawn Mowers Worth it

From Undecided with Matt Ferrell.

This Tech FINALLY Makes Robot Lawn Mowers Worth it Secure your privacy with Surfshark! Enter coupon code UNDECIDED for an extra 4 months free at Electric lawn mowers are great. Quieter, more powerful, no toxic fumes or gasoline, and far less maintenance than a gas mower. However, there’s another way to level up your electric lawn mower game and that’s with the latest onslaught of robotic mowers hitting the market. Autonomous mowers that use proximity sensors, computer vision, and accurate to the centimeter global positioning systems are everywhere now. Last year I beta tested a model that’s out on the market now, and this year I bought myself a second one for comparison … and because I have a tech addiction problem … I even have a third, but it’s technically not a mower in its current configuration. It’s a yard robot with a snow blower attachment that I’m looking forward to testing out next winter. When I said that these things were everywhere now …. maybe I just meant at my house. But seriously, how well do they work and are they worth it?

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00:00 – Electric Lawn Mowers are Great
01:27 – Why an Autonomous Mower?
03:11 – How’s the Setup?
08:25 – What About the Features?
10:52 – What’s the User Experience Like?