United States Barbecue, mapsplained

From Phil Edwards.

BBQ isn’t just about food — it’s about geography.

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More info and sources at bottom.

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This was a lot of fun. A somewhat weird fact is that the only BBQ I ate during this story was in KC, and so I am currently in deep pain missing NC and Texas BBQ (sorry Memphis, St. Louis, everyone else — I know I’m ripping you off a bit). I prefer both. Sorry KC.
Tough to make editorial choices on this vid but it had to be done!

Books I read include (affiliate links):

BBQ: The History of an American Institution by Robert Moss
This is really your best bet for a comprehensive BBQ book. It surveys everywhere, gives you nice tables and charts, etc. He’ll be mad I didn’t debunk the Carolina Gold/German Connection more explicitly, but I think it’s cool and makes sense, so I thought you should know with the caveat I included in the vid. He’s also quite active in the modern BBQ scene.

Black Smoke by Adrian Miller
Recommended by one of you! Added helpful nuance to the piece, though I don’t touch on it a ton. I thought I added the most value through newspaper articles about Henry Perry. The book also includes lengthy sections about modern BBQ and BBQ at churches, etc. Worth reading if the subject matter interests you.

Savage BBQ by Andrew Warnes
Good book to help me avoid a bit of the easy assumptions that appear on clickbait BBQ articles. Stuff about indigenous cooking is complicated quite a bit in this book, so I think it helped me land in the right place the way I depict it, albeit briefly, in the video.

Department of Ag. Yearbooks
Lol I have no idea why you’d wanna read these, but here they are! I was pretty much just looking for as much proof as possible.

Eater on Chicago Aquarium
Eater was a good resource to kinda check coverage I was or wasn’t providing. Lots of articles convinced me STL or Memphis BBQ wasn’t worth a big digression (which I’m sure will annoy some people, but I remain convinced). It also led me to the quirky Chicago Aquarium smoker which I thought was a fun teaser.

Southern Foodways
Probably went to books more than here, but it was recommended by a viewer and is solid.

2 good American eps. in this season of Chef’s Table! I ate at Rodney Scott’s restaurant in Charleston and WISH I could eat at Snow’s.