Welcome To The Glitch Inn!


WELCOME TO THE GLITCH INN! https://glitchinn.com
The Glitch Inn is a cosy space created for our fans to meet and get behind the scenes insight on the craziness that goes on at Glitch and our shows!
But more than that, its an extra way for fans to support us. Every dollar spent goes directly into funding our shows and projects.
No pressure on joining at all though. We love you guys regardless and the shows we make will always be freely accessible and high quality! This is just another way to show support. 💖 Have a great day!

Directors – Zachary Preciado and Micah Preciado (@ZAMinationProductions )
Producers – Kevin Lerdwichagul and Luke Lerdwichagul
Glitch Inn Keeper/Production Manager – Domenic "Cube" G
Animation – Zachary Preciado and Micah Preciado
Lighting and Rendering – Andy Gill (@CubicalStudios )
Technical Art & Pipeline – Andy Gill
Animiniz Character Design – Matthew Gaglione
3D Artists – Max Rudland, Alicia Howard, Ana Mendes, Guillame Coquel-Danchin, Christian Martin
Environment & Prop Artists – Alicia Howard, Christian Martin
Riggers – James Pelter, Evan Huang, Andy Gill
Glitch Inn Music Composed by – Zachary Preciado and Micah Preciado
Editing – James Bailey, Luke Lerdwichagul
Marketing and brand officer – Suskia Phillips

Animiniz N voiced by Michael Kovach
Animiniz Pomni voiced by Lizzie Freeman

The Amazing Digital Circus created by Gooseworx (@Gooseworx )
Murder Drones created by Liam Vickers (@LiamVickersAnimation )

Discord Emojis by Violetartss https://x.com/violet_artss
~Fan Art that appears in the video~
Kinkymation https://x.com/kinkymation ⚠🔞
Darodugo https://x.com/Darodugo?t=6q_p94K48yVtv7_yJkEJBg
Cyberhp_tv https://www.reddit.com/r/theamazingdigitalciru/comments/17f78jh/pomni_fanart/
TheInkyWay https://x.com/TheInkyWay/status/1714087250454315203
notclaudia_official https://www.instagram.com/notclaudia_official/
SadxKingArt https://x.com/SadxKingArt
LeonardzTheHuman https://x.com/LeonardzHuman
ArzyParzy https://x.com/ArzyParzy

Special Thanks
@GlitchyPSI for Tech-related help
Glitch Inn Moderation Team