What’s inside the VAB? (Vehicle Assembly Building)

From Jared Owen.

The VAB or Vehicle Assembly Building is where NASA has constructed rockets for more than half a century. Lets explore the inside!
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Thanks to Madison Tuttle and Beth Kline at NASA for reviewing this video!

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👨Video Credits:
Research: Derek Richardson – https://www.youtube.com/@OrbitalVelocity
3D Artist: Ixaur – https://ixaur.com/
3D Artist: Slimen Selmi – https://www.youtube.com/@sou_arts

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How We Got To The Moon by John Rocco: https://amzn.to/4bSq1dy

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00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Building Overview
03:32 – Inside
06:04 – Saturn V / Apollo Program
09:31 – Space Shuttle
12:58 – SLS
15:10 – Brilliant

📼Video Summary:
The Vehicle Assembly Building has been used since the 1960s to build the rockets before they lift off from the launch pad. It has been primarily used by 3 rockets: the Saturn V, the Space Shuttle, and SLS or Space Launch System. The smaller part of the building has the Low Bays, and the main part of the building has the High Bays. There are 4 High Bays, and then down the center of the building is the Transfer Aisle. Large yellow cranes help move the pieces of the rocket. There’s the Transfer Aisle Crane and then the 4 High Bay Cranes. As the rockets are assembled there are retraceable Work Platforms that can be moved in to enclose the rocket. The Crawler-Transporter helps move the rockets to the launch pad along the Crawlerway.

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