Your dishwasher is better than you think (tips, tricks, and how they work)

From Technology Connections.

Let your dishwasher do the work for you!
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00:00 Intro
00:55 An overview of how dishwashers work
02:10 Tip 1: Filters – clean them
02:56 More on how dishwashers work
04:13 HEAT – it’s important!
06:43 Tip 2: Run the kitchen tap until you get hot water
08:12 DETERGENT – what it does and how the machine uses it
11:42 Tip 3: Use and close the detergent dispenser
14:27 Tip 4: Try cheap detergent and add a pre-wash dose
15:01 Testing a new detergent product
17:52 Detergent dosing
19:40 RECAP and lightning round
20:40 Dishwasher cleaning products
21:43 A workaround for a broken detergent dispenser
22:52 Other cycles and options
23:25 Rinse Aids
24:11 Try cheap pods if nothing else
25:17 Tips on loading the dishwasher