Your Hobby Could Make You A Better Citizen

From PBS Voices.

Mutual aid requires many skills: organization, tracking inventory, cleaning and maintaining supplies, and most of all building relationships. But what if you could practice all those skills—by collecting sneakers? KJ visits Harlem’s Closet sneaker shop in Columbia, SC, and the Rock Hill Community Fridge to learn how two business owners are using their hobbies to practice community care.

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So, is it possible to be civically engaged outside of formal activities? Citizen Better will follow KJ Kearney as he finds the ‘informal’ ways to be civically engaged in everyday life so that viewers can feel empowered to make a meaningful impact on the reg rather than just on election days. Like shoes, one size does not fit all, “trying on” various types of informal civic engagement KJ will find what pairs suit him to make a footprint in our democracy.

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