Can Groceries Be Delivered TOO Quickly?!

From “Not Just Bikes”. ( YouTube / Nebula ) for ad-free, sponsor-free content from over 150 educational creators Already subscribed? Watch this video ad-free here: Over the past few years, many cities have seen the arrival of services that promise to delivery groceries as quickly as possible. These services offer a level of…

This Amazing Cycling Bridge is Temporary #shorts #infrastructure

From “Not Just Bikes”. ( YouTube / Nebula ) The A9 Highway through Amstelveen is being widended and improved, with several sections being covered. While construction is underway, several temporary bicycle bridges were built to keep cycling safe and convenient until the project completes in 2026.

The (loud!) Siren Heard All Over the Netherlands #shorts #waarschuwingsstelsel

From “Not Just Bikes”. ( YouTube / Nebula ) The Netherlands has a (very loud) public warning siren system that is tested on the first Monday of every month.