What is the “Correct” Speed Limit?

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There’s a trend towards lower speed limits in cities all over the world, but why is this happening? What is the research behind it? And what is the "correct" speed limit for cities, anyway?

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2:27 Kinetic Energy
3:33 Mass
4:24 Microcars
5:08 Walking & Cycling
6:15 Avoiding Crashes
7:36 Visual Perception
9:29 Overconfidence
9:52 "That guy"
10:17 Mobility vs Safety
11:04 Faster and Slower
12:22 Too Much Traffic?
13:04 Brainerd Traffic Lights
14:47 Removing Traffic Lights
15:53 Painfully Inefficient Stroads
16:29 Building Great Streets
17:27 Fuel Efficiency
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