English actors get this WRONG when they do American accents

From Dr Geoff Lindsey.

This video has been kindly sponsored by the browser Opera. You can download Opera for FREE from my link: https://opr.as/Opera-browser-Dr-Geoff-Lindsey

People talk about ‘intrusive r’, but what does ‘intrusive’ actually mean? The video includes practical advice for actors from England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand!

0:00 Introduction & rhoticity
1:37 Examples of unwritten r from around the world
4:31 Baffling people & the YouTube captioner
5:22 The Opera browser
6:52 Why I hate the term ‘intrusive r’
9:14 Why non-rhotic speakers can’t spell
9:57 Linking R in detail
11:46 Genuinely intrusive R #1
12:04 Intrusive R in foreign languages
13:43 Intrusive R by performers doing accents
15:37 The 3 danger vowels for actors
17:50 Genuinely intrusive R #2
18:46 The mistaken rule & hypercorrection
20:46 How non-rhotic speakers interpret letter ‘r’
22:34 Even great actors get it wrong…

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