I’m Quiet Quitting: You Should Too || The Great Resignation Continues

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00:00 Are you WATCHING at work? (Congrats!)
02:47 What is QUIET QUITTING
05:04 We NEVER leave the factoryโ€ฆ
07:29 It’s all about AGENCY
09:03 Why do people care? MONEY.
10:57 SHAMING doesn’t work
12:01 Quiet Quitting: in PERSPECTIVE
14:00 Thank you for your SUPPORT
15:39 What did we LEARN?

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The United States is still in one of the most productive times in our history. After the invention of computers, we had this surge or productivity, and now that surge has normalized. What does this mean for the average worker? It’s time to Quiet Quit. #QuietQuitting is a way of taking #agency over our actions and rebalancing our relationship between work and life. It’s also called "career coasting," or "acting your wage." But is quiet quitting bad for you? How about for the economy? Why are people quiet quitting now and how can we deal with it? I answer all these questions in the video!

๐Ÿ“•๐Ÿ“•๐Ÿ“• L E A R N M O R E ๐Ÿ“•๐Ÿ“•๐Ÿ“•
Is the 6-hour workday the answer to a better work-life balance?
For the past few years, the four-day workweek has taken centre stage as a possible way to improve employeesโ€™ work-life balance and wellbeing, especially as the pandemic made many rethink their prioritiesโ€ฆ but what if we trim every day instead?

Quiet Quitters aren’t Quitting their Jobs
Quiet quitting is taking social media by storm, but you might not have noticed.

Quiet Quitting Is a Fake Trend
What people are now calling โ€œquiet quittingโ€ was, in previous decades, simply known as โ€œhaving a job.โ€

Microsoft’s 4-day workweek in Japan made productivity soar 40%!
In a country known for its culture of extreme overwork, the shorter week had a big boost on productivity, the companyโ€™s business unit said in a post on its website.

Exit, voice, and loyalty (and Neglect)

Total Factor Productivity Growth in Historical Perspective

More about the 4-day workweek!

Learn more about the Q12 here:


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