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Over the last year, we at MinuteEarth and MinutePhysics have had the privilege of working with NASA’s Heliophysics Education Activation Team make a series of videos about the awesomeness of solar eclipses. Here they are, all seven of them!

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Eclipses Used To Be Terrifying | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUSo74fyZbY
5:07 – Why Aren’t There Eclipses Every Month? | https://youtu.be/vIZyuXl-91U?si=SNB5L30DqRQ1BrRR
7:27 – Why does the north get more total eclipses? | https://youtu.be/1GrOLainIiA?si=8o-WBmHRe4cV8jks
10:59 – Why Do Eclipses Travel WEST to EAST? | https://youtu.be/ujYYlXP12m4?si=sq_zi0pQDTUUQq3Q
14:56 – Weird Things Animals Do During Eclipses | https://youtu.be/idlq8zCrUkY?si=VrPpG7v8hNf_KldM
18:42 – How eclipses proved that the Earth is slowing down | https://youtu.be/inMPbM6Rsl8?si=IrT15lijduCsr7Dv
22:11 – The LAST Eclipse in History | https://youtu.be/W7mVQ3kRPv8?si=EySy6uC4EdhEGNMC
26:04 – MinuteLabs Eclipse Explorer

This Product is supported by the NASA Heliophysics Education Activation Team (NASA HEAT), part of NASA’s Science Activation portfolio.
The material contained in this document is based upon work supported by a National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) grant or cooperative agreement. Any questions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this materials are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of NASA.

To learn more about this topic, start your googling with these keywords:
– Annular Eclipse: an eclipse of the sun in which the edge of the sun remains visible as a bright ring around the moon.
– Elliptical orbit: when an object moves around another object in an oval shaped path.
– Latitude: the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth’s equator, or of a celestial object north or south of the celestial equator, usually expressed in degrees and minutes.
– Total Eclipse: an eclipse of the sun in which the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun.

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