New 7-direction pencil model discovered!

From Standup Mathematician.

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Check out KangarooPhysics’ original gif showing the cross-section through the packing arrangment:
And Daniel Piker’s amazing 3D model:
More detail on rod packing in this paper:

If you want to watch the extended cut, with every excruciating, pencil-pushing moment included, head over to this video on the second channel:

You can also watch the original "How to build a Hexastix in 72 easy steps" if you just want to build a Hexastix. In 72 easy steps.

If you need 85 custom pencils in your life (The 67 you need, plus we’ve put in a few spares) you can buy a set while stocks last over on Maths Gear. Sorry the set is quite expensive. This is just the cost price I originally paid to get them made. Elastic bands are not included.
Prism Pencils (pack of 85)

Huge thanks to my Patreon supporters. They are as special as a triangular pencil.

– None yet, let me know if you spot anything!

Filming and editing by Alex Genn-Bash
Written and performed by Matt Parker
Produced by Nicole Jacobus
Music by Howard Carter
Design by Simon Wright and Adam Robinson

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