THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS IS COMING!!! Yes, we’ve been hard at work on season 1 and will be dropping episodes this year and into next year. Thank you for your patience ❤️ We are also working hard on Murder Drones at the same time and will be releasing the final episodes of that too, soon! For now we’re looking at DC ep 2 coming out around May.

New merch just dropped, every dollar goes towards supporting the show!: https://digitalcircus.store/


Created, Directed, and Written by Gooseworx

Executive Producers – Kevin Lerdwichagul, Luke Lerdwichagul
Producer – Kevin Lerdwichagul
Development Producer – Jasmine Yang

Voice Actors
Pomni – Lizzie Freeman
Caine – Alex Rochon
The Sun – Payton Goodwin

Concept Artist – Gooseworx
Voice Acting Director – Gooseworx
Previs Production Manager – Robin French
Storyboard Artist – Robin French
Editorial – Gooseworx, Robin French
Look Development – Max Rudland

Production Manager – Kevin Lerdwichagul
Asset Production Co-ordinator – Oliver Ma
Shot Production Co-ordinator – Jacqui Pennay
2D Artist & Animator – Gooseworx
3D Character, Assets & Prop Artists – Max Rudland, Alicia Howard
Texturing & Surfacing Artists – Max Rudland, Alicia Howard
Environment Artists – Alicia Howard, Max Rudland
Layout Artist – Jarrad Rumble
Rigger – Marc Humphreys, Evan Huang
Maya Technical Artists & Tools – Marc Humphreys, Ondřej Perný

Lead Animator – Kevin Temmer
3D Animators – Erik Segriff, Austan Todd
UE5 & Houdini VFX Artist – Stephen De Mata
Pipeline Engineer – Ondřej Perný

Post Production Manager – Luke Lerdwichagul
Unreal Generalists – Abhignya Cavale, Jerry Sui
UE5 Technical Artists – Max Rudland, Jerry Sui
UE5 Engineer – Ondřej Perný
Lighting Artist – Selina May
Shader Artist – Max Rudland
DoF Artist – Selina May
Set Dressing – Alicia Howard
Render Technician – Jerry Sui
Motion Graphics – DitzyFlama
Compositing & After Effects VFX – DitzyFlama
IT Technician – Aythan Maconachie (ep 1-2)

Music Composer – Gooseworx
Sound Design – Gooseworx
Sound Mix & Mastering – Gooseworx
Distribution – Kevin Lerdwichagul, Luke Lerdwichagul, Jasmine Yang
Marketing Officer – Suskia Phillips
Head of Product – Jasmine Yang
Senior Product Designer – Matt Gaglione
Product Officer & Photographer – Wenbo Zhao
Thumbnail Posing – Micah Preciado, Joe Marshall
Thumbnail lighting + rendering – DitzyFlama
Special Thanks – Domenic “Cube” G