The Secret World of Pikmin

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What mysteries do the ecosystems of Pikmin hold? A deep dive into the biology of the world PNF-404 – better known to us as planet Earth.

In the miniature environments beneath our feet, vast dramas unfold, often without us ever realizing it. But what if we could become part of these sagas?

In the Pikmin series, you play as a character under two centimeters tall, and experience a tiny yet rich ecosystem from the ground level. And though the Pikmin universe is more stylized than some, its surprisingly complex lore makes it ideal for study.

So, let’s shrink down, and see the world from a new perspective…

0:00 Pikmin Ecosystems
0:48 Pikmin Biology
2:32 Sun Speckled Terrace
4:17 Worlds Unseen
5:48 Blossoming Arcadia
9:00 Serene Shores
11:38 What We’ve Left Behind
13:08 Hero’s Hideaway
14:36 Under Your Feet
17:24 Giant’s Hearth
19:15 Fear of the Night
21:25 Primordial Forest
23:27 Answers at Last

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