What Jumping Spiders Teach Us About Color

From 1veritasium, 2veritasium, or sciencium.

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Production by Day’s Edge fully funded by National Science Foundation (Grant #IOS 1831767)

Featuring: Dr. Nathan Morehouse (University of Cincinnati); Olivia Harris (University of Cincinnati), Dr. Megan Porter (University of Hawaii); Dr. Lisa Taylor (University of Florida); Dr. Wayne Maddison (University of British Columbia); and Dr. Emma Alexander (Northwestern University)

Directed by Neil Losin
Written by Neil Losin
Edited by Neil Losin, Andy Laub, and Alan Saunders
Animated by Root House Studio and David Hutchinson
Filmed by Neil Losin, Nate Dappen, Alex Wiles, Andy Laub, and Barend van der Watt
Produced by Day’s Edge Productions

Repurposed for YouTube by Derek Muller, Casper Mebius, Petr Lebedev, Peter Nelson, Trenton Oliver, Emily Zhang, Giovanna Utichi, Rob Beasley Spence, Emily Taylor, and Gregor Čavlović

Thumbnail contributions by Ren Hurley and Peter Sheppard

Video/photos supplied by Day’s Edge Productions and Storyblocks
Music by Adrian Younge, PBS, Epidemic Sound, and Jonny Hyman