What’s Eating The Titanic?

From MinuteEarth.

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When a ship sinks, lots of factors, like the ship’s materials, the water quality, and the depth of the seafloor all play a role in determining how long the ship will last down there – as a result, the Titanic will be gone in fifty years, while Byzantine wrecks in the Black sea remain.

To learn more about this topic, start your googling with these keywords:
– Anoxia: the absence of oxygen
– Chemosynthesis: the synthesis of organic compounds by bacteria or other living organisms using energy derived from reactions involving inorganic chemicals, typically in the absence of sunlight.
– Corrode: destroy or damage (metal, stone, or other materials) slowly by chemical action.
– Decomposer: an organism, especially a soil bacterium, fungus, or invertebrate, that decomposes organic material.

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