Why Aren’t Swing Wing Aircraft Made Any More?

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Go to https://ground.news/droid to access data-driven information from around the world. Subscribe through my link to get 40% off the Vantage plan for unlimited access. From the mid-60s up to 1981, swing-wing aircraft led the way for new multirole aircraft that combined the low-speed stability and efficiency of a straight wing with the high-speed performance of a swept wing and led to some of the most famous fighters and bombers of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But from 1981 onwards not a single new aircraft was built with a swing-wing design. In this video, we look at why this happened.

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Written, Researched, and Presented by Paul Shillito

Images and footage: Images and footage : General Dynamics, USAF, US Navy, RAAF, RAF, Grumman, US DoD

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