The Epic of Serina Returns

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The wildest era yet comes to a world of birds. A breakdown of the Hothouse Age from Dylan Bajda’s speculative biology project ‘Serina.’ (Full Playlist:

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This video is a new chapter in my long-running series exploring the incredible speculative evolution saga of Serina, the world of birds. We’ve been following this saga for several videos, watching as, over the past two hundred and eighty million years, an initial group of finches and other creatures left on a distant moon have evolved into a dizzying variety of forms.

When we last checked in, this world had been flung into cataclysm, and the intelligent Sea Stewards had been transported away to another realm. Now, Serina is beginning to recover from the loss of its top species — although the greatest dangers and most extortionary lifeforms still lie ahead.

So, let’s return to this world of birds, and remember to support creator Dylan Bajda on Patreon.

0:00 Serina: Wildest Era Yet
1:09 The Hothouse Age
6:21 New Titans
10:25 The Endless Night
14:28 New Dominion
17:09 Clash of Giants
20:55 Return of Intelligence
23:59 Life’s Last Chapter?

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