Why is this number everywhere?

From 1veritasium, 2veritasium, or sciencium.

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Thanks to Dr. Todd Landman, the Academic Magician, for sharing his footage of the 37 Force. – https://www.todd-landman.com/

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Images & Video:
Just 37 by Tom Magliery – https://ve42.co/Just37
R4000 Processor via Molecular Expressions – https://ve42.co/micro37
The “37” Cluster by Noel Carboni – https://ve42.co/NGC2169
Charles Fleischer via Wikimedia – https://ve42.co/Fleischer

Directed by Emily Zhang
Written by Emily Zhang and Derek Muller
Edited by Peter Nelson
Asst edited by Luke Molloy
Animated by Fabio Albertelli, Ivy Tello, and Leigh Williamson
Illustrated by Jakub Misiek
Filmed by Emily Zhang, Casper Mebius, Derek Muller, Michael Cimpher, and David Szasz
Additional research by Gregor Čavlović
Produced by Emily Zhang, Giovanna Utichi, Han Evans, and Emily Taylor

Thumbnail contributions by Ignat Berbeci, Ren Hurley, and Peter Sheppard
Additional video/photos supplied by Getty Images and Storyblocks
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