Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

From 1veritasium, 2veritasium, or sciencium.

In short, yes they will, continuing the trend of humans working less. This video was sponsored by "Robot-Proof" written by Northeastern University’s President, Joseph E. Aoun. Learn more here: https://goo.gl/hqBDLA

When I think about robots taking our jobs, I am neither of the opinion that we need to panic amidst the imminent robopocalypse, nor am I confident there will always be work for everyone. Instead I think we will see something similar to previous revolutions (e.g. agricultural and industrial). That is, ultimately everyone will be better off, working fewer hours and doing tasks more suited to people than to machines (thanks to widespread automation), but during the transition there will be discomfort. This discomfort arises when people who have been working particular jobs for most of their lives find themselves out of work, or find their jobs don’t even exist anymore. Then education and retraining is the challenge, something that’s not easily accomplished and something our educational system is not setup to do.