Ether/Or — The story of black holes, and how I temporarily lost my mind over an Amazon review

From Exurb1a or Exurb2a.

Matthew Mcconaughey went into that black hole in Interstellar and somehow remained all right, all right, all right.
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A bit of context: I made a video a few years back called Let’s Build a Time Machine with Pickles and Sadness. It was awful. The initial idea had been to try explaining what a gap there currently is between general relativity and quantum mechanics. What came out instead was the video equivalent of soft-serve vanilla ice cream garnished with ostrich droppings. But the thing has been haunting me ever since and I wanted to give it another go. So that’s what this was. Why on earth are you so far down in the description anyway? Are you looking for a completely unrelated mystery link? Because that’s what you’ll find, oh yes you will:

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Csárdás by Vittorio Monti –

The Labyrinth of Freedom – Ayşedeniz Gökçin

And of course Dvorak’s Op. 96, 4th movement –