I Quit

From vlogbrothers.

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As I upload this, I am realizing that there is a pretty huge part of my life that I barely ever talk about publicly. I mean, that is also somewhat true of family things, but business isn’t traditionally seen as a thing to be private about. There are lots of people who have big, full careers just talking about the business of their business. I myself have felt the pull to create that kind of content and have done it!

But I stopped a while back as I realized that talking about the inside operations of my business was always sharing other people’s stories as well as my own, and that’s weird without asking for permission. Plus, my perception of a situation is never going to be exactly the same as someone else’s. So I stopped doing it. I even put a little sign on my computer that says "DON’T TWEET ABOUT WORK" to remind me. Even this video felt like it was on the edge of sharing too much, though it is almost all about me.

I feel like there’s a relationship between the "I tweet about what a good boss I am boss" and the "wife guy." And we’ve seen times when those bosses hve proved that they are not great bosses. I am also not a great boss…I know that there are some out there, but it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s especially hard when you have both the inclination and opportunity to be constantly distracted by other things!

So yeah, that’s why I don’t talk about the biggest part of my professional life on the internet. If my businesses were just my business, I would, but it’s not.

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