Casio DJ-1 – The ultimate Rapman

From Keen On Keys.

The DJ-1 is a small keyboard with 32 mini keys, 25 tones, 30 patterns, 6 pads, scratch and pitch disk, microphone, voice effector and a cassette recorder. Released in 1992, it was the successor of the famous Rapman. It was also released as Rap-2 or "Rap Studio".

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Overview
1:54 Rap Studio
4:25 Other Models
5:36 A Look Inside
11:15 Tones
13:27 Pads + Disks
15:04 Patterns
16:11 Voice Effector
20:26 Cassette Recorder
24:38 Tape Speed
26:01 Feedback Recording
28:26 Channel Selector
31:50 Adding FX
36:14 Multitrack Recording
39:02 Conclusion
39:54 Outro

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