Fact-checking for Russians about the war in Ukraine #shorts

From A Better Question.

It turns out google reviews still works in Moscow, Russia. Putin hasn’t banned google yet, so this is possible…hypothetically.


Google reviews is down, but here are other methods to combat Russian disinformation and inform the Russian people about the reality of this conflict:

Geo-located Dating Apps/sites —– set up a profile with pictures and links to information, set your location to a Russian city (unconfirmed if working)

Instagram —– Still UP

Odnoklassniki.ru —– Still UP Russian social media site that allows account creation. Make sure you’ve got up to date anti-spyware working.

VK.com VK.ru —– Still UP VK is a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg. VK is available in multiple languages but it is predominantly used by Russian speakers.

Russian-based Multi-national companies with "contact us" pages. —– UP, but individually based. Email contact forms and other messages should get through, if only to be seen by one intern…ya never know.

Craigslist.ru —- Still UP. Create a post in a Russian city. Unconfirmed if still up, but probably more effective if you run your post through google translate first to convert it to Russian.

this comment —– Has links to /r/messagesforrussians, a way to send random texts to russians, and some email addresses.

Tumblr —– seems to be up in Russia, though a user would need to actively look for your page.

Create torrent of footage of the war, citizens of ukraine, news updates, then seed them with their title changed to a popular movie.

Pornhub —– uploading videos if you’re a verified user. Alternatively this is their support page (remove space for link because NSFW tag) pornhub.com /support, and we could request they allow users to be verified to post info about the war with Russian hashtags.

Snapchats of footage, geolocate to Russia as your location.

GAMES —– If you have Russian players on your steam list. Post links in game reviews of Russian games, or those popular in Russia. (Give some thought to avoiding reputational harm for the title/developer – don’t 1-star a game because its from Russia or because the content of your review is negative, the game is the messenger).

Listings for real estate in Russia —– surf open listings for property and/or rentals. Contact agents, leave reviews, upload photos. (Thank you /u/LadyCrow16
for idea)

chatrandom —– select Russia for country to chat in. Have links, videos ready.

"Language learning apps? Tandem, HelloTalk, LangMate… Might only get those who are already pretty well-informed, but then again, you might not. Tag yourself as learning Russian, get into contact with natives that way." — thank you to /u/Civil_Adhesiveness72
for the idea