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This science research doesn’t just pass the sniff test — it IS the sniff test. Our olfactory abilities are so refined that our noses can identify a person’s gender with over 96% accuracy from the smell of their… hands?!

Robotics is advancing past clumsy limbs and brute force by getting better at both — this rolling robot that can make deliveries, throw objects, and dynamically adjust its application of force.

Sometimes our most advanced scientific discoveries already exist in nature — like a tiny pill modeled after the pangolin that can roll up to be deployed in internal medicine applications. Oh, and it’s moved around your body by a magnet.

A scientific breakthrough has been sitting at the bottom of a canyon for decades — and despite it being over 100 meters high, we’re only just seeing Asia’s tallest tree.

Birds are once again dominating the science news cycle, and this time it’s by thumbing their beaks at our efforts to deter them from public spaces. It seems like anti-bird spikes actually make great bird castles.

Until recently, bionic limbs have been rudimentary with little fine motor control — but harnessing AI algorithms, neuroscience, and osseointegration may allow for natural motions in bionic hands and fingers.

The dark side of the Moon continues to keep secrets, like why there’s a giant slab of thorium and uranium resulting from a billion-year old moon volcano.

A giant 300,000 year old flint axe has been discovered in England, and it either hurt people, hunted animals, or just looked awesome.

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Brent Tiggelaar, Ian Fabs, Jonathan Hawk, Markus Fleischer, NullBlox.ZachryWilsn, Thomas Kaminski, Wolfgang Hutton

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