How Long is Now? | Introduction to Metaphysics 🪐

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Anxiety anecdote:

This one took about two months to make. Lots of that time was faffing around with a Word document, not even sure what the point of the script was, but anyhow – today, very excited to be finally uploading and rid of the thing, there I was doing a bit of last minute polishing in the video editor and suddenly I notice I’ve deleted half the video in the timeline. Just gone. I reload the old save file but it’s too late, I’ve written over it already. About a month of work gone in three seconds of mis-clicking. I’m not sure how far back in the day I made the mistake and did I mention that the file is so large now that the undo function locks the video editor up almost every time? There’s only one option left: tentatively keep hitting undo and just pray this doesn’t lock the editor up otherwise ALL GONE, and just pray the buffer remembers far back enough to restore the sequence I deleted otherwise ALL GONE. There I sat for thirty minutes hitting ctrl-z as gently as I could, sweat dripping from my furrowed brow, even the mice who live in the walls of my apartment coming out to watch and bite their fingernails or claws or whatever it is mice have, their cheese untouched, their traps empty…. Anyway everything was fine even if I almost soiled myself – the undo function worked and I briefly felt good about living again for the first time in ten years. I am an idiot. Please don’t be an idiot like me – back stuff up, I beg ye.

Music used ►

Queen of the Night – Patrick Hawes, Grace Davidson

Swan Lake, Act II – Tchaikovsky –

Lavender Fields – Aysedeniz Gokcin

Dawn of Innocence – Nathalie Bonin

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