How to make precise sheet metal parts (photochemical machining)

From Applied Science.

How to make etched metal parts.
-All of the highest quality parts that I made went to the customer, but edge quality and photoresist adhesion is still a problem.

-The photomask dark areas can be expanded, and then the part etched for a longer amount of time to make the edges more perpendicular to the surface. I forgot to mention this clever way to improve the etch aspect ratio called "etch factor"

-Dry film photoresist

-Photoresist processing datasheet

-Special ink and transparencies (films) for photomasks:

-Flip pins

-405nm lights:

-Epson printer with tank for custom ink:

-Strange Parts did a great video on metal business cards:

- 100 cards for $250 could be the cheapest way to get custom mechanical parts:

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