Story Mode Channel Trailer

From “Story Mode”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

Story Mode is a video series from the team behind Lessons from the Screenplay dedicated to exploring storytelling in video games.

In his 2010 book, Extra Lives, journalist Tom Bissel defends the social relevance and importance of video games:

“…video games favor a form of storytelling that is, in many ways, completely unprecedented. The conventions of this form of storytelling are only a few decades old and were created in a formal vacuum by men and women who still walk among us. There are not many mediums whose Dantes and Homers one can ring up and talk to. With games, one can.”

That’s exactly what we want to do.

With Story Mode our goal is to:
– Make videos that highlight the storytelling techniques of great games
– Talk to the people on the frontier of narrative design to discover their process
– Create a resource for aspiring game makers, where they can learn from professionals and each other

Each month, we will release a video exploring the craft of storytelling in a specific game. These videos will typically include interviews with the writers, quest designers, directors, and anyone else involved in a game’s narrative design.


Featuring the song:
“Detached” by Emil Rottmayer