The Hopeful Horror of ‘Humanity Lost’

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From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh… it disgusted me.

A new exploration of Callum Stephen Diggle’s incredible ‘Humanity Lost.’ AVAILAIBLE HERE:

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Once you’ve become a shambling mass of flesh… there’s really no cure.

Not in science fiction, anyway. Whether a character is mutated by a virus, or absorbed into a hivemind — once their body transforms… it’s probably too late. “They’re too far gone!” Another character might shout, just so we’re clear that person is no more, their humanity digested along with their physical form.

I assumed that ‘Humanity Lost,’ a graphic novel by Callum Diggle, would follow the same conventions. I assumed its narrative of an AI mutating every person into a warped nightmare would not be a story about humanity persevering. I was wrong. ‘Humanity Lost’ is a stirring tribute to how personhood can endure no matter how altered the flesh, and with a special edition of the first volume now available, I think it’s time to take a deeper look at this surprisingly hopeful dystopia…

0:00 Humanity Lost: New Horrors
1:08 Pustules and Boils
2:58 Unlikely Heroes
3:45 Flesh Machines
5:25 Vivisecting the World
6:46 Aliens Aren’t Cuddly
8:28 Gods of the Stars
10:38 Resistance is Futile
11:42 The Borg Scare Me, Okay?
13:44 That Other Pestilence…
15:01 A Light in the Darkness
16:30 Hopeful Horror?

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