This Is The Greatest Bank Heist in Chinese History

From “Kento Bento”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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Animated documentary-style videos on extraordinary Asian events.

Kento Bento — Research, script, narration, music, video editing, motion graphics, illustration storyboard
Charlie Rodriguez — Illustration
Isambard Dexter — Research


This Is The Greatest Bank Heist in Chinese History

Handan, China. October 10th, 2006. It was getting dark. The vault manager of the Agricultural Bank of China was on edge. He was afraid. He felt something wasn’t quite right.

Yes there were two security guards patrolling the grounds, which made him feel safer, but as vault manager he needed to be sure himself. He checked the printer room, the conference room… there was no one there, no sign of trouble.

Then he entered the vault…

…where everything was also fine. The money was there, and the bank’s security system was down.

In fact, everything was just as he planned…