Why Bugs Are Attracted To Light SOLVED – Mind Blow

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In this episode of Mind Blow on Vsauce2: scientists have a new hypothesis for why bugs fly around light bulbs, we learn of secret science new virus hiding in baby diapers, in space news Einstein helped discover a massive black hole, a simple drought solution, fruit helping recycle batteries, an ancient Egyptian gifting custom now has physical evidence, a massive leap in MRI brain scan technology, and bioadhesives just got stronger and safer for surgery. The type of science news found only on Mind Blow by Vsauce2.

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Brent Tiggelaar, Ian Fabs, Wolfgang Hutton, NullBlox.ZachryWilsn, Jonathan Hawk, Markus Fleischer, Thomas Kaminski

*** SOURCES ***

Why flying insects gather at artificial light (0:00)

Expanding known viral diversity in the healthy infant gut (0:39)

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Structure-guided engineering of a receptor-agonist pair for inducible activation of the ABA adaptive response to drought (2:08)

Brain Images Just Got 64 Million Times Sharper (3:49)

NTU Singapore and Se-cure Waste Management build pilot recycling plant to tackle lithium-ion battery waste with biomass waste (4:30)

First osteological evidence of severed hands in Ancient Egypt (5:07)

Injectable gelatin-oligo-catechol conjugates for tough thermosensitive bioadhesion (5:40)

Database, 1984 (6:40)

*** CREDITS ***

Hosted and Created by Kevin Lieber

Research and Writing by Scott Frank

Graphics and Editing by Vic Grimes

Special Thanks John Swan

Fact Checking by Geoff Barrett

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