Yes, I am Still Alive…

Spy Ninjas is a collection of 6 different channels (see below).

November 26th, 2022 = The Apocalypse

Two years ago, the Spy Ninjas destroyed my life’s work, Project Zorgo. We were the most powerful hacking organization on YouTube. The Spy Ninjas left me for dead. Unfortunately for them, I’m still alive. I’m in a german prison and will be able to escape once all five steps have been completed.

Step 1: Turn the light on the Black Pyramid to green. This light projects onto our satellite in space and will active it.

Step 2: Rotate the large satellite dish on the Las Vegas Strip to point it towards our satellite in space.

Step 3: Feed Uranium into the POD to power its nuclear reactor.

Completion of these three steps enables me full control of the POD, allowing me to upload this video as well as hack into other channels.

Step 4 to freeing me is to find the location of this german prison I am trapped within.

Step 5 relates to cooling down the heat sensitive devices surrounding my prison preventing my escape.

Soon, I will return and get revenge on the Spy Ninjas. Mark your calendars, November 26th, 2022 will the Apocalypse.

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Compiled from the following: Vy Qwaint, Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter, Daniel Gizmo, Chad Wild Clay, Project Zorgo, and Regina Ginera.