Inequality – Does the Harder Worker Always Win? A Better Question EP. 14

From A Better Question.

What causes income inequality? Who get’s to be rich? Does hard work or luck matter more? Are rags-to-riches stories empty fairy tales? Can can anyone become wealthy? How many billionaires and millionaires are self-made? Does wealth inequality really matter?

The American Dream is about having a shot at success no matter where you start. Is the American dream still possible for most people? Or has the gap between the rich and the poor become insurmountable for anyone born outside the top 1%. What if the best way to GET rich, is to already BE rich?

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Hard work vs luck, the debate
8:14 Hard work vs luck, who’s right?
19:51 Why it matters
22:17 Outtro, credits
23:28 Cooking with Kim reel